Queensland police officer leaps into runaway boat on river

Three kayakers and a police officer pulled off an audacious river rescue in Queensland, after an aged fisherman fell out of his tinny.

The kayakers dragged the stricken Gladstone fisherman, 73, out of the Calliope River in central Queensland on Sunday, however his unmanned fishing boat was left circling round uncontrollably.

A Queensland police officer le apt from one other boat into the runaway tinny, bringing the vessel below management.


The unmanned tinny runs unfastened after the fisherman was knocked out of the vessel from one other boat’s wake. (9News)
A still image taken from the Queensland police officer's body cam just before he leaps into the runaway tinny on the Calliope River.
A nonetheless picture taken from the Queensland police officer’s physique cam simply earlier than he leaps into the runaway tinny on the Calliope River. (9News)

The fisherman had been thrown out of his tinny after it was rocked by the wake of one other boat.

He sustained a hand damage from the blades of the motor when he tried to get again onboard, and three kayakers paddled over after seeing him in misery.

The kayakers, aged 28, 29 and 30, saved the fisherman afloat earlier than one other boat came to visit to take him safely to shore.

The police officer commandeered another boat at a nearby ramp to chase down the loose tinny.
The police officer commandeered one other boat at a close-by ramp to chase down the unfastened tinny. (9News)
The police office jumps into the tinny, taking control of the runaway boat.
The police workplace jumps into the tinny, taking management of the runaway boat. (9News)

A police officer commandeered a vessel from the boat ramp and with its skipper travelled out to the uncontrolled tinny.

They nudged the circling tinny to power it right into a straight ahead trajectory, and the officer leaped into the empty vessel.

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